View Points

Lakeway is evolving. Unprecedented growth, development and changing infrastructure. The City’s comprehensive plan is up for review. Never has the composition of the City Council been more important. The City’s existing Comprehensive Plan created a road map for future growth & development and everyone who lives here today was attracted to the City that was born from that road map.



When elected I will support any development that keeps the principles outlined in Lakeway’s Comprehensive plan at the forefront of my mind. It outlines that low density, residential development, should be the first choice when considering any growth. Decisions should be mindful of how development affects home values, the environment, traffic and local businesses.

Partnering with developers that believe in the history of Lakeway and are committed to recharging areas of our city that are the core of who Lakeway was, is and always should be is a priority to me. We need to focus on the revitalization and redevelopment of areas in our city that are struggling to remain vital before taking away green space to recreate what we already have.



We have all sat in our cars, not moving and feeling the frustration build. Traffic on 620 and 71 affects most of the citizens either living in or working in Lakeway. 620 has its share of issues; the section between Lohmann’s Crossing and Lakeway Blvd becomes more congested each passing day. Pressing developers to keep their promises to connect Main Street to Birrell and Lohmann’s Spur, at their cost is of high importance to me.

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Listening, engaging and collaborating with the citizens of Lakeway is of great importance to me. I believe in credibility and transparency in communications, decision making and meetings. Partnering to merge conflicting viewpoints to find resolutions which define compromise.



When elected, I pledge to seek out and support any wildlife management program that is humane and effective. I commit to using the most humane methods possible in order to maintain a healthy herd. Alternatives to the Trap, Transport and Process Program exist and they need to be researched, budgeted and prioritized over any programs that are considered cruel.


leadership is not a rank or a position. Leadership is a choice. A choice to look after the person to the left of us and the person to the right of us ~simon sinek