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Friday. TGIF. Friyay! Freedom. What does Friday mean to you? This Friday at 5:00PM is the deadline for applications to run for either a council seat or the Mayor’s office. The attention toward the importance of local elections is on the rise. The media coverage that has been focused on our city has churned the need for oversight, focus and engagement within our municipality and beyond. This brings us back to freedom. The freedom to cast our vote as we see fit, the freedom to elect representatives who we feel align with our values and freedom to speak about what is important to you. 

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Development. Roads, Buildings, People. What does development mean to you? Webster’s says development is the act, process, or result of developing. It offers synonyms such as evolution, expansion, growth and progress. The City Council of Lakeway is always under development. It never has an endpoint, it is constantly in a state of evolution. Term limits as documented in the City Charter, limit service to 2 terms as a councilmember and 2 terms as a mayor. These term limits are in place to guarantee the citizens of Lakeway that their government is always progressing. Fresh ideas, new view-points, and new processes are only a few things that term limits, by nature of what they are, bring to the table.

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