revitalize: verb re·vi·tal·ize |  \ (ˌ)rē-ˈvī-tə-ˌlīz

: to give new life or vigor to

Revitalize. Revitalization. Redevelopment. In our crazy world of build-build-build, we often overlook redevelopment as one of the most important things we can do as a community to increase our property values, breathe life into new and existing small businesses and develop more profound community pride. Redevelopment by its own definition is the action of revitalizing tired or out of date shopping centers, homes, and green spaces. It also means making small yet meaningful changes in the ingress and egress of certain places of business to ease traffic and congestion on main roads such as 620. Although much of Lakeway is “new,” the heart and soul of our city is in the charm of the original homes, buildings and shopping centers. These “originals” are the roots of our community, and I believe they are worth cultivating, fertilizing and enhancing. 

Land developers are hungry for land; and the reality is, in our city limits, there is not much more we can, or should give. What we do have are projects in and around our community that can benefit from revitalization. Isn’t it time we demonstrate the value of creative community development to investors and decisions makers and encourage them to offer their support on revitalization projects? Isn’t time we support home renovation by streamlining and easing the permit process so that homes that charm on the outside can impress on the inside? So that our valued seniors can make modifications to stay in their homes longer and preserve their investment and their legacy? Isn’t it time we integrate creativity into our way doing business in Lakeway? I believe the answer to those question is a resounding yes. Together we can raise a hammer and raise the bar.