Multi-Generational Lens

If you closed your eyes and envisioned Lakeway in 10 years, what would that look like? What would the typical family look like? How would they interact with each other and their community? Prior to my mom’s death in March of 2018, my home was filled with five people from four generational categories. My mom, a Traditionalist, my husband a Baby Boomer, myself, a Generation Xer, and my younger kids, Gen Zers. Five people who grew up developing values in different social, economic, technological and political norms. Despite this, we were expected to contribute, cooperate, and thrive. Similar to the citizens of our community, just on a smaller scale. 


Many families today experience this multi-generational diversity. Spending their days navigating ways to cooperate, communicate and love. All using the different tools they have to get the job done.  I know in our house there were times when we all had to agree to disagree, and yet more than most, there were times of teaching and understanding. A granddaughter teaching her grandmother how to send a text message, or even more challenging, a picture via text message. A mom teaching her daughter the secret to an amazing family recipe or father and son studying a family’s ancestry. In this complex family dynamic, lessons of compromise and patience ruled. 


Our wonderful community of Lakeway is not much different. Many different generations coexisting and yet don’t we all want the same things? Safety, great schools, access to outstanding healthcare, safe and navigable roads, household services, and easy access to restaurants & shopping. Looking forward, shouldn’t we be using a multi- generational lens when we are making decisions on what the 10-year snapshot for our community looks like? Don’t all members of our community deserve a voice? I certainly think so! I encourage you to Vote Vance on May 4thand let me be that voice.