Empowerment-the state of being empowered to do something. 


No matter where the election path takes any of the candidates that make up Lakeway’s May 4th election, I think it is fair to say with certainty that “empowerment” was a guiding principle to taking a pen to paper to fill out their “Application for a place on the City of Lakeway, May 4, 2019 General Election Ballot”. It was indeed not a decision I made lightly. I weighed the impact on my family, my business, my business partners and my friends. I am privileged to be surrounded daily with some crazy, funny, amazingly resilient and intelligent humans. People who take pride in raising each other up, supporting each other, laughing with each other and sometimes crying with each other. 


The Acrobatics & Tumbling Gym we own is my happy place. It is an honor to be part of a collaborative effort to train, coach and mentor young athletes into being the best versions of themselves. In today’s social media culture where rarely people apply filters when debating issues, proving points or oversharing, it is refreshing to be face to face with young people who are just amazing human beings. Some kids fundraise for clean water and education in Africa, kids who use their hands to help others and kids who are role models inside and outside of the gym. Even the best athletes inside the gym are even better people outside the gym, and that says more than you could ever know. 


Our kids today deserve the best we can give them. In the exposed world they live in, they are rarely sheltered from the horrors and injustices in the world. They see every school shooting in living color, they see “live” videos which would be banned on most network programming and they are exposed to people who hide behind the computer screen with the single objective to tear them down. Many will have at least one classmate who commits suicide this year, next year and then the next. Electric Avenue Acro is my passion project for this reason. I want everything in these walls to be emotionally safe. I want every athlete who comes through the doors to feel protected, respected and loved. To feel safe enough to express what is bothering them, what is weighing on them and to tell us what they need. I want to live my life to be the best example I can be for THEM. 


For these reasons and many more, I have taken the voluntary pledge to run my campaign in accordance with the Texas Election Code on Fair Campaign Practice. I believe campaigns can be positive. They are a reflection of the person who is running for office. I want the athletes we mentor to be proud of what I do. If you're going to be viewed in a positive light, then shine a light of positivity. It is really that simple. It is possible to have opposing views and yet have respectful discussions in an attempt to listen to understand another person’s perspective. It boils down to compromise. 


With all this said, I started this post to thank the other candidates who have entered the race. Sandy Cox and Tom Kilgore have entered into the Mayor’s race. Myself, along with Lisa Butler, Doug Howell, Sanjeev Kumar, Julie Reichart, and Sean Sutton have entered the race for City of Lakeway Council Member. I think it is fair to say that they too felt empowered to make a difference. I wish them nothing but the best. No matter what the outcome is, we will still be neighbors on May 5th.