Development. Roads, Buildings, People. What does development mean to you? Webster’s says development is the act, process, or result of developing. It offers synonyms such as evolution, expansion, growth and progress. The City Council of Lakeway is always under development. It never has an endpoint, it is constantly in a state of evolution. Fresh ideas, new view-points, and new processes are only a few things that new talent brings to the table.

I think it is fair to say that “development” is the 2019 buzz word surrounding our city today. Land development comes to mind, and yet as a change in perspective, development and cultivation of people, ideas and processes should also be in the forefront of our thinking. Land is to the developer, as flour is to the baker. Full of potential, promise and the basis of their creations. Yet as the baker begins to consider the raw ingredients he or she also needs to consider the recipe and the consumer. Land development is no different. What does the general consumer or citizen want? What are the guidelines or the recipe to develop the land? What are the alternatives? This is an important job of our City Council. Not necessarily to have all the answers, but to have the knowledge, internal fortitude and drive to ask the right questions.

Just like the land developer, the citizens of Lakeway, through the power of their vote, control the landscape of the City Council. So, ask yourself, how do you want the Council to develop, to evolve, to progress? What growth do you want in your City? What does an evolved Lakeway look like? I want to listen. I want to understand so I can be your informed voice. Please take a moment to send me a message and let me know what issues are important to you, what are your perspectives? It is time to develop leadership that listens, cultivates relationships and branches out. It is time to Vote Vance.